Understanding Kubernetes: Developer’s Guide

Vikas K Solegaonkar
27 min readMar 16, 2023

Kubernetes is a cool word to have in your Architecture Document, and hot on your CV. On-Premise or on the Cloud, everyone wants to have the workloads in Kubernetes. While we follow the herd, it is important to understand what goes into it. What are the patterns and anti-patterns when we work with Kubernetes? This blog gives you all that you need, to understand and use Kubernetes.

  • Why Kubernetes
  • The core concepts
  • Minikube
  • Kubernetes Objects
  • Patterns & Antipatterns
  • Kubernetes in Cloud — EKS
  • Kubectl
  • MicroK8s
  • Interview Questions

Why Kubernetes?


That was my first thought when I read about Kubernetes. Why do we need such complex systems? A simple java -jar is enough to run my microservice on the Linux server! I write good code. I handle all exceptions. I am sure nothing will fail. Even if it fails, I can write a simple bash script that takes care of restarting my service. My code can take care of horizontal scaling and failovers. I have a good firewall and logging framework. And all this requires just a few lines of additional code — packed into a simple Jar that I include in all…