ScyllaDB — Perfect choice for your enterprise

Vikas K Solegaonkar
14 min readFeb 13, 2024

If you were to ask me the single most important architectural decision for the success of any application, I would say it is the choice of the database. It defines your ability to accumulate, process and analyze data. Any compromise or limitations here enforces compromises and limitations in what you can do with your data — which in turn compromises and limits the possibilities, performance as well as profitability of your application.

Hence, it is very important to spend that additional time evaluating various possibilities available to us. We must understand them in detail, and then identify the best possible solution for you.

Introduction to ScyllaDB

If you are a techie exposed to social media, I am sure you already know that ScyllaDB is a modern, NoSQL Database. It is designed for extreme scalability and performance. It is based on some strong design paradigms that make it a strong contender for the primary database in your system.

ScyllaDB started as a reimplementation of Apache Cassandra — the columnar database. If you think Cassandra is old, we have another Avatar of the ScyllaDB that is compatible with the DynamoDB.

I can hear an obvious question in your mind — why do we need ScyllaDB when we already have the Apache Cassandra? What is the big deal here? That is an important point. ScyllaDB is not just a copy of the Cassandra. It is an independent implementation that provides a syntactical identity. Internally, its architecture is way better and stronger. It is far more resilient and scalable. At the same time, you do not have to rewrite the code that accessed Cassandra.

Now that is something interesting. But the next question is, what makes it better than the predecessors, or any other database in this range? When and why should I use ScyllaDB instead of the popular ones?

Let’s understand how.

Design principles behind ScyllaDB

You cannot get scalable and high-performance applications like ScyllaDB without strong design principles. The architects of ScyllaDB made sure they have rock solid principles that go into every aspect of this database. These principles are the key to its strength. Let us…