Re:Invent Yourself — an impressive keynote by the CEO

In a wonderful keynote presentation, Andy Jassy stressed over and over on the importance of reinventing yourself. Based on Gartner’s statistics, he pointed out that very few companies have ever stayed on top. And this is because they stop re-inventing themselves.

Aptly said, “re-invent when you can — not when it is necessary”. Re-invention should be a culture and a way to go, and not a fallback solution. He stressed on a few patterns and anti patterns to re-inventing.

  • You cannot fight gravity. Anything will go down unless you pull it up. You need to consistently work for improvement, rather than being pacified by the current state.
  • Carnivalize yourself — else someone else will do it anyway. Be proactive in identifying and eliminating the wasteful and inefficient parts that retard your movement
  • Solve problems for customers. Innovate, by understanding the customer’s problems. Not just because you like to. Not because the competition is innovating. The direction and passion has to come from the urge to solve customer’s problem.
  • Speed is of paramount importance. Many others have seen the problem that you have seen. Many others knows how to solve it. But the you should work to hit the market first
  • As you grow, take all effort to ensure you don’t complicate. Complexity kills agility and the ability.

New Services

Lambda Container Support

AWS Proton

AWS Glue Elastic Views

AWS Glue Elastic Views supports many AWS databases and data stores, including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service. AWS Glue Elastic Views is serverless and scales capacity up or down automatically based on demand, so there’s no infrastructure to manage. AWS Glue Elastic Views is available in preview today.

AWS Sagemaker Data Wrangler

AWS Sagemaker Feature Store

Amazon DevOps Guru

Amazon QuickSight Q

Amazon Connect

Customer Profile — An NLP based service meant to improve efficiency of the agent. Based on the ongoing conversation, it pulls out the expected, required data from available sources and gets it ready for the agent before it is required.

Voice ID — Another NLP based service that reduces the need for customer authentication at a call center. Based on the voice, it can identify the customer and get things ready for the agent, so that he does not have to spend time on it.

Hybrid Computing

Very soon, there would be no different between your campus and the cloud. You won’t have to migrate your applications to the cloud. The cloud will enter your campus.