Mastering ChatGPT: From Zero to Hero (1/3)

Vikas K Solegaonkar
9 min readMay 30, 2023

This year has seen a big bang with a range of products based on Generative AI. The exponential growth in these products has shaken the industry, as all our calculations of effort and accuracy go haywire. As machines push their way into the domain of creative work, it is obvious that the days of the human workforce are numbered. That is the prediction of most of the industry, leading to fear and panic.

It is true that we are not yet there. The code written by ChatGPT and CoPilot has occasional errors. The images generated by MidJourney are unnatural at times. The blogs generated by ChatGPT fail the plagiarism tests. However, we must remember that this is only the beginning. The speed of development of these tools is very high and the day is not far when they produce accurate artifacts that can be deployed without the need for review.

When that happens, all the software developers, bloggers, graphic designers, and their managers — will be unnecessary and jobless! And that day is only a couple of years down the line. Does that mean humans are not required anymore? Certainly not! However, the domain of human contribution will change. If you are sensitive enough to identify this new requirement, and if you are prompt enough to master the new set of technologies, nothing can stop your growth.